Outdoor Entertainment

Beishir Audio/Video & Home Automation believes that entertainment doesn’t just belong indoors. Outdoor solutions have become the biggest need in recent years. With weatherproof technologies making their way into backyards, patios and swimming pools, our educated staff is here to help. From outdoor and landscape speaker systems to all-weather TVs and projection systems, we understand that quality outdoor living is becoming more desirable and more affordable.


Outdoor Control

We want your system to be easy to control both inside and outside! We can set up your system with a smart app or an all-weather remote to control all your systems components.

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Outdoor Speakers

Filling your outdoor environment with quality music that appears to come from nowhere is now a very real expectation. Beishir Audio Video’s solution includes several models of speakers in various performance levels in enclosures that mimic lighting fixtures. Hidden away in flowerbeds and planters or placed around the pool or other water features, these speakers blend in and become part of the environment.

Outdoor TV's

Bring video entertainment to your outdoor living space with a completely weather proof outdoor television.