Intercom Systems - Easily Identify Visitors

Looking to update your current Intercom System? Beishir can help! Our trained technicians and systems designers have the experience to get your current system updated to the latest in technology. Whether you are looking for an audio only option or a solution that will transmit both audio and video, we will design the solution that will simplify your lifestyle.

Integrating an intercom system in your home or business application allow you to talk to guests or family members without wandering from room to room. With optional door stations, Beishir can provide solutions that will allow you to see and communicate with visitors at your door before you even open the door. Our intercom solutions are not only easy to use but also designed to blend into your home’s décor.

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Protect your home using one of our stylish video intercom systems. Easily screen and record visitors before letting them in your home. More conveniently, turn solicitors away without having to open the door! Additionally, you can monitor and talk between interior rooms, along with leaving messages for your family. 



Stop unwanted intruders at the front door by implementing an video intercom system. Our video options provide the ability to see and speak with visitors before letting them in your school. Include classroom communication and paging for an entire campus, while also providing complete access control to multiple schools at the district level. 

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Create a safe environment for your employees and customers by securing all buildings, campuses, and parking structures with one of our versatile intercom systems. In addition to entry security, intercoms can provide internal communication and paging notifications where desired.